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As the core of our business, Sun Expo Services is exceptionally qualified to handle exhibition freights that require lots of expertise and gentle handling to prevent the exhibits from getting damaged or being late for display. Using our teams’ experienced analysis, we are able to provide great coordination and precision while providing the highest level of ease to our clients.

Our operations team is highly specialized in the functions of heavy machinery logistics and takes great importance in preparations to calculate the complex mechanics of heavy machine lifting with the architectural surroundings, and gauge the necessity of procedures to be involved, both manually and mechanically, to move the machines safely and most efficiently.

Art artifacts are extremely delicate and most importantly, irreplaceable. We understand the value of handling artifacts with great care and are accustomed to handling all procedures from packing the artifacts with protection to dealing with the documents and paperwork.

We are well aware that shipments could get damaged during the journey on its designated vessel, so we take extra care to study our clients’ cases and advice the correct insurance program for optimal safety to the shipments.

Importing into Thailand can be tricky and filled with lots of unknown variables and hidden requirements. Sun Expo’s custom clearance service helps navigate you through Thailand’s roundabout custom regulation and acquire all the necessary documents for your shipments. 

Import and export taxes are a real influence to all prices. They drive costs up and profits down. However, with the right conditions for your shipments, our team can work to help you be charged significantly less and even be completely tax-free.

Clients who have frequent shipments on a frequent operational basis can engage in contract logistics with Sun Expo Services to receive more added-value and business privileges for long term success.

We also provide temporary warehouse storage space for goods that need to standby prior to transportation to its destination.

We provide highly qualified drivers and operation staffs to advise and arrange various road transportation vehicles for your logistics purposes. 

Packing is not always  a necessary procedure but a highly recommended one to ensure security to your shipments. Our packing service includes careful wrapping of the goods and crating with high-quality materials, for the secure shipments relocation.

Our shipping specialists are highly experience in planning, booking and coordinating international Airfreight and Seafreight transportation to all ports.

We can transport anything to anywhere in the world, from household goods to complex machineries and deliver the shipment right to your office or doorstep.

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